Baby Boy's Interment Outfit Sizes: A - B - C

All seams are 1/4 inch. To gather pieces, use 1/8 and 1/4 inch seams, 4 or 5 on machine stitch length. Read all directions before starting pattern.

  • Cut out outfit pieces. Sew bodice pieces together. Clip neckline carefully to lay flat. Turn right side out and press. Trim or embroider bodice front through top layer only. I embroidered BABY or BABY BOY on bodice.
  • Back of skirt: Turn under 1 inch the whole length of skirt, down both sides of the back, leaving a 3/4 inch seam. Sew down length of gown and press seams.
  • Gather all three skirt pieces . Pin front of skirt to bodice. Baste together and layer only. Do the same with both back pieces.
  • Pin and baste sleeves to armhole, top layer only and sew. Sew or serge the whole length of the gown, down each side, matching seams.
  • On the inside, pin the lining of bodice to the top layer. Do this to front, backs and around sleeve tops, hiding seams. Hand sew with tiny stitches. Turn cuffs under and sew by hand-turn right side out, turn up cuffs and press. Tack each cuff.
  • Gather bottom of gown,and turn inside out. Pin and baste sacque bottom to gathered skirt and sew. Place lining piece on inside of sacque bottom. Pin and sew in place by hand, covering all seams. Overlap both seams down the back of skirt. Sew seams together 3 inches up from bottom of the sacque.
  • Cut two pieces of 1/8 inch white ribbon, 9 inches long. Tack to back of bodice, about 1/4 inch from finished seam.
Size Length Width Cut #
Size A Front 14" 14" 1
Size A Back 14" 7" 2
Size B Front 16" 14" 1
Size B Back 16" 7" 2
Size C Front 17" 14" 1
Size C Back 17" 7" 2