Fiberfill Bear


  • Cut two. Use a cotton flannel, cotton broadcloth, or other soft fabric.
  • Stitch together (1/4" seam allowances) with right sides together. Stitch in curves (not V shapes) around the outline of the bear. Clip all curved seam allowances, and turn right side out.
  • Stuff he bear with fiberfill, and slip stitch the opening closed.
  • Embroider or paint the face
  • Tie ribbon snugly around the neck with a knot, then tie a bow. Hand stitch the ribbon snugly around the neck with a knot so the ribbon cannot be removed and ingested.


  • Size A - Optional: Enlarge by 115% with a photocopier
  • Size B - Full Size: When you print the PDF file make sure to check the box that says "Choose Paper Source by PDF Paper Size"