General Information for Sewing Projects

  1. A few hospitals request flame retardant flannel for kimonos, etc. Otherwise, cotton flannel, cotton knit, or terry may be used
  2. Do not use fabric softeners or fragrant rinses on the fabrics.
  3. Do not attempt to machine stitch adhesive-backed Velcro. Buy regular (non-adhesive backed) Velcro for kimono fasteners.
  4. Edges on kimonos, receiving blankets, diaper shirts, etc. can be serged, bound, zig zagged, or finished with decorative/overcast stitches.
  5. Do not attach buttons (or anything that an infant might swallow) on kimonos, toys, diaper shirts, etc.
  6. Fabric paint is a suitable alternative to embroidery or felt cutout eyes, etc. on finger puppets or toys

Perhaps you can interest young people in making some Care Wear projects. Beginners can manage the diaper shirt, stuffed animals, or felt finger puppets - with some direction and supervision. Perhaps a Brownie or Girl Scout troop is in need of a service project!