Lorrabelle's Gown

Lorrabelle gown All seams are 1/4". to gather pieces, use 1/8" and 1/4" seams. 4 or 5 for the machine stitch length. Read all directions before starting pattern.

Cut out gown pieces. Sew bodice pieces together. Clip neckline carefully to lay flat. turn right side out and finger press. Embroider trim of podice front through top layer only. turn and press flat.

For the back of gown skirt, turn under 1" the whole length of the gown. Turn under 1/4" and press, leaving 3/4" seam. Sew down the length of the gown.

Gather all three skirt pieces. Pin front of skirt to bodice. Baste together and sew, top layer only. Do the same with the back pieces.

Gather, pin, and baste sleeves to bodice, top layer only, and sew. Add lace to the sleeve cuff and attach to gathered sleeve bottom. Pin and sew. Sew or serve whole length of gown, matching seams.

Turn gown inside out. Pin bottom layer of bodice to top layer. Do this to the front, back, and around the sleeves, hiding seams. Sew with tiny stitches. turn cuffs up and sew.

Pin bottom of gown. Fold under 1" with 1/4" turned under. Match back seams, making sure they are the same length. Hem.

Cut two pieces 1/8" ribbon, 9" long. Tack to back of bodice, about 1/4" from the finished seam.