X-Small Boy's Gown

Boys Gown, Finished Note: This pattern can be used for infant girls by substituting a ribbon rose or bow for the neck tie.

Cut out pattern pieces. Embroider sleeves on marked lines. Turn under sleeve ends 1/4" and sew. After sleeve is sewn to bodice, turn under cuff and sew with tiny stitches by hand, catching the embroidery lines so that you can't see stitches from the top.

Embroider outside collar line on bodice top only. Sew narrow bias to bodice front at waistline, before attaching the skirt. Gather skirt pieces and pin to bodice top. Turn outside length of skirt back under 3/4". Turn end under 1/4" leaving 1/2" for hem. Press and sew all the way down.

After skirt is together, sew gathering lines on bottom of skirt, (2 rows). Pin sacque bottom to bottom of skirt and gather to fit. Sew together. Sew lining bottom to cover raw seams on the inside. Turn on right side. Tack right side of skirt to left side, 2 1/2" up from sacque bottom. Cut two pieces of 1/8" ribbon, 9" long and tack on back of gown seam at neckline about 1/4", on each side.

To make tie: Use bias tape, 5 1/2" long. Press flat. Turn short ends under 1/4" and press. Bring corners down to form a peak. Turn left side under a scant 1/2" and press. Turn right side under a tiny bit and then again to form a seam line, and pin. Take tiny stitches all the way down by hand through back only to press again. Do not stretch. With right sides facing you, turn in half. Tack 1/2" down, right over left. Bring peak down to make what looks like a tie knot, and sew on back to secure. Tack to bodice where marked. Use the same color bias tape for the ties as you use at the waistline.